L. Rhodes

Links and notes

A slight hitch: I had counted on short posts distributing to Mastodon unmodified. Turns out, that isn't how writefreely federates. Rather, the text gets truncated, with a link back to the original post. Not ideal from my POV, so I've submitted it as a feature request here: https://discuss.write.as/t/full-text-when-federating-short-posts/1642

By way of warning: I may occasionally post about politics in this space — primarily U.S. politics, since that's the most relevant to my circumstances, but also international politics when it suits my interest. But I plan to favor the longview here, leaving the day-to-day news cycle for my Twitter account.

Writefreely is now up and running on the social.lrhodes.net subdomain. Fediverse users can follow @lrhodes@social.lrhodes.net. May possibly mirror to my Twitter account, as well.

The aim is to use this feed as a personal hub for activity falling under the general rubric of “social media” — links of interest and notes too unformed to qualify as essays.